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Moringa Cleansing Bar, natural soap

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  • Weight100 g
  • Payment TermsT/T,Others

[ecolife Inc.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Moringa Cleansing Bar, Remarkable and marvelous cleansing natural Soap

Made out of moringa and inner rice bran


Washing your face by the wrong way destroys your skin.

They say beauty is more important to remove than apply. Its because makeup

residues make your skin dark as they penetrate into the skin all night long and

color on it if they are left on it. Its continuity of the vicious cycle.

When you remove make up by using cleansing cream and cleansing foam, it can

 be easily removed. But why do your eyes sting from it to be difficult to open them?

Its because it contains a lot of chemical components including surfactants.

And when you feel that makeup is not completely removed, you use soap again.

How do you keep your skin healthy?


Product information


  • Product name :  Moringa soap

  • Function : cleanser

  • Weight : 100g

  • Use-by date : 12 months form the date that you open it

  • Skin type : All skin types

  • Manufacturer : YC & Natural

  • Manufacturing country


Main effective ingredients

  1. A tree of miracles,  MORINGA

  2. Inner rice bran extract from rice

  3. Natural vegetable raw materials

    => Mixture by the 3D method 

    => Moringa natural soap


Observation of the main ingredients Moringa and rice bran


Moringa which is rich in sulfur, iodine, and amino acid regenerates the damaged skin cells and treats infections. Its because that  pellicle of the living body consists of the keratin protein structure and systine, the sulfur amino acid which composes protein neutralizes the effects of poison and treats infections. And Systine treats skin problems and regenerates skin by reducing the abnormal crosslinkage of collagen which composes skin protein. Sulfur keeps your skin elastic by playing the role of glue which unifies skin tissue  with each other.

  • What is inner rice bran ?

    Inner rice bran 

  • As it contains various nutrients including fiber and vitamin, it is used in healthy and beauty

  • It contains a lot of ceramite which is excellent for atopic dermatitis.

    Outer rice bran 

     – There are impurities like agricultural pesticides or heavy metal(It cannot be used)

     - There are the components which reacts allergic reaction about the paraffin layer to protect rice.

    * “Secured the technique to extract inner rice bran only by the”diamond method” which separates outer rice bran from inner rice bran. The product obtained the patent of the material with a lot of components which increase moisturizing and vitality in skin by extracting and concentrating the effective components only in inner rice bran by the research team of the college of life science, Korea University.


    The patent(Manufacture) No. :10-2012-0093801

    The technique to preserve and manufacture moringa completely

    The patent(Material) No.: 10-2011-7031696

    The diamond method) Secures the concentration materials of the effective ingredients of rice bran by utilizing the technique to separate and extract outer and inner rice bran from each other.


    Comparison of MORINGA with general food

    VITAMIN-C 17 times higher

    Iron 25 times higher

    Potassium 15 times higher

    Calcium 17 times higher

    VITAMIN-A 4 times higher


    The effects of rice bran

  • The antioxidant effect

  • The effect to improve wrinkles

  • The skin-brightening effect

  • The anti-inflammatory effect

Selected the inner rice bran extracts with the high antioxidant activity (A and B extracts)

Controls tyrosinase, elastase, and hyalurondidase.

Established the conditions to manufacture the optimal inner rice bran extracts by verifying and evaluating beauty vitality.

 Any of harmful chemicals including synthetic surfactants, artificial hardeners, artificial pigment, artificial fragrances, parabens, chemical antiseptics is not used. I hope that the whole family use it in relief.

No synthetic surfactant, paraben, antiseptics, hardener, artificial fragrance, artificial pigment.


The major effects

  1. Fine cleansing of skin textures

  2. Reduces skin problems and tightens pores.

  3. Improves and keratin and atopy.

  4. Rice bran) skin-brightening and moisturizing

  5. Moringa) improves skin blood circulation.


Completed the 8 clinical tests

Moisturizing (moisturizing power, the ability to maintain moisture) / elasticity (Eye rims, the corners of your mouth, cheeks) / keratin/ hypo-allergenic/blood circulation/skin-brightening/glossy/dark circles


The comparison of Natural Soap & General Soap


  1. Natural Soap : Natural vegetable oil

    Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oiland tee tree oil  are helpful for moisturizing Your skin and dermatotropic power


  2. General Soap: Synthetic oil

    petroleum-based mineral oil, dimethyl silicon oil, and mineral oil causes carcinogenic potential and cutaneous respiration disorder


  1. Natural Soap:  Caustic soda and natural surfactants

    Shea butter and titanium dioxide are helpful for moisturizing your skin and dermatotropic power.

  2. General Soap: Synthetic surfactants

    Cetearyl alcohol, Stearyle alcohol, SLA, SLES,  and LES stimulate trabeculae of spleen, cause carcinogenic potential, and destroy sebum film.


    Functional raw materials

  1. Natural Soap : Natural materials

    Vegetables, fruits, grain, milk products  are very helpful for skin health as they are.  They are the effects to moisturize  and  condition your skin.

  2. General Soap : Chemical conditioning and chemical  functional raw materials

    PEG, polyvinyl alcohol, and carboxyvinylpolymer can cause carcinogenic potential and functional disorders of livers and kidneys.

    Antiseptics pigment

  1. Natural Soap : No antiseptics  natural fragrances

    100% natural aroma essential oil from  vegetable flowers, leaves,  stem, and roots  are helpful for stabilizing your mind and body as well as your skin


  2. General Soap  : Paraben, phenoxy, fragrance pigment,  and chemical antiseptics

    Methylpareben, organic synthetic pigment, and dyes stimulate your skin and cause allergy.


 The procedure to wash your face

  1. Firs, wash your hands cleanly. Their pollutants can cause skin problems.
  2. Please wet your face with lukewarm water several times and create lather by using soap.
  3. Massage your face softly by using soap.
  4. Rinse your whole face with lukewarm water not to make lather be left on it.
  5. All age groups can use it and it is harmless to your bodies and hair even if you use it on them as well as your face. 



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Moringa Cleansing Bar- natural soap