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TANIN SOAP, Anti noneral tannin natural soap

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  • Weight100 g
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T,Others

[ecolife Inc.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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TANIN SOAP, Anti noneral tannin natural soap

made out of tannin and rice bran extracts


As you get older, you more agonize about skin problems !! And  body  odor gets serious


Causes of body odor

Causes of body odor (being in rut, smell from groin, and sour smell) and smell from senior citizens are sebum, sweat gland secretion, abnormal phenomena of apocrine sweat gland, and aging

  • Smell from senior citizens (itchy skin, scales)

  • Sour smell from bodies of the older generations (men and women)

  • Being in rut(Osmidrosis)

  • Smell from groin

    After you wrap a warm towel around the back of a senior citizen’ neck for a while, please smell with your nose…


    When you are in your forties.. Noneral

    As metabolism gets to slow due to the body’s aging process, unsaturated aldehyde created due to poor degradation and discharge of waste is called noneral(C9H16O).

    ❏ Noneral gets to be decomposed with harmful bacteria in the air as it blocks skin pores when it is discharged from skin. This is  “senile body odor”. The body odor is still left because it cannot be removed even though you frequently take showers with general body care products.


    Tannin natural soap uses tannin and inner rice bran !!


    Product information


    • Product name :  Anti noneral tannin natural soap

    • Function : cleanser, brightening,improving wrinkles

    • Weight : 100g

    • Use-by date : 12 months form the date that you open it

    • Skin type : All skin types

    • Manufacturer : YC & Natural 


    Main effective ingredients

  1. Tannin extracts from chestnuts

  2. Inner rice bran extract from rice

  3. Natural vegetable raw materials

    => Mixture by the 3D method 

    => Anti noneral  Tannin natural soap


The major effects of tannin natural soap

Removes basic odor (Anti noneral)

  1. Skin-brightening b/head

  2. Improves wrinkles

  3. Reduces pores

  4. Strengthens moisturizing


The comparison of Natural Soap & General Soap



  1. Natural Soap : Natural vegetable oil

    Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oiland tee tree oil  are helpful for moisturizing Your skin and dermatotropic power 

  2. General Soap: Synthetic oil

    petroleum-based mineral oil, dimethyl silicon oil, and mineral oil causes carcinogenic potential and cutaneous respiration disorder



  1. Natural Soap:  Caustic soda and natural surfactants

    Shea butter and titanium dioxide are helpful for moisturizing your skin and dermatotropic power.

  2. General Soap: Synthetic surfactants

    Cetearyl alcohol, Stearyle alcohol, SLA, SLES,  and LES stimulate trabeculae of spleen, cause carcinogenic potential, and destroy sebum film.


    Functional raw materials

  1. Natural Soap : Natural materials

    Vegetables, fruits, grain, milk products  are very helpful for skin health as they are.  They are the effects to moisturize  and  condition your skin.

  2. General Soap : Chemical conditioning and chemical  functional raw materials

    PEG, polyvinyl alcohol, and carboxyvinylpolymer can cause carcinogenic potential

    and functional disorders of livers and kidneys.


        Antiseptics pigment

  1. Natural Soap : No antiseptics  natural fragrances

    100% natural aroma essential oil from  vegetable flowers, leaves,  stem, and roots  are helpful for stabilizing your mind and body as well as your skin


  2. General Soap  : Paraben, phenoxy, fragrance pigment,  and chemical antiseptics

    Methylpareben, organic synthetic pigment, and dyes stimulate your skin and cause allergy.



The procedure to wash your face

  1. Firs, wash your hands cleanly. Their pollutants can cause skin problems.

  2. Please wet your face with lukewarm water several times and create lather by using soap.

  3. Massage your face softly by using soap.

  4. Rinse your whole face with lukewarm water not to make lather be left on it.

  5. All age groups can use it and it is harmless to your bodies and hair even if you use it on them as well as your face. 



List post : TANIN SOAP, Anti noneral tannin natural soap made out of tannin and rice bran extracts



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TANIN SOAP- Anti noneral tannin natural soap